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                                    "Pushpay is an exciting tool that allows you to give to Greater Mount Zion Church through their giving  page. With text giving it's as simple as sending a short text."


                                       To submit a new one-time payment through text engagement:



1.  Text gmzc to 77977.

2.  Select the link to give.

3.  Enter the amount that you want to give.

4.  Under Gift Type, select Give one-time.

5.  Complete all fields on the page, and select Next.


6.  If you do not have a Pushpay account yet, you will be prompted to create one by verifying           your mobile number and entering your name and email address.  Please Note: If                             you already have a  Pushpay account, you will   be prompted to verify your                                       mobile number after confirming your recurring payment details and payment method.

7.   Enter your card details or bank account details to use  ACH.*

8.  Click Next. Once you have setup your text giving you will only need to send the amount the next time you give. 







**We sincerely appreciate your financial support.  The GMZ Leadership reserves the right to redirect funds to the area of ministry most needed.