Thank you for your interest in booking your event at the GMZ Event Center.  Please select the yellow button below to pay your facility rental amount, per your agreement with Greater Mount Zion Church / GMZ Event Center, for your upcoming event.  If you have questions or should need assistance, please contact us at 979-798-8362 or via email: drandon@gmzchurch.org.

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Greetings, in the name of Jesus!  We are elated that you have entered the GMZ Web Site.  We are excited about the various events going on at GMZ.  We hope you will find something that will be of value to you and bless you and your family.  Our vision is "to be a church that follows Christ, impacts the total man, and produces disciples for the Kingdom of God."We have over 40 ministries, including various youth, young adult and adult activities.  We are "Going To The Next Level In Jesus!


The Greater Mount Zion Church is excited to be a part of the Body of Christ so that we can expand God's Kingdom.  One of our goals is to help develop productive citizens so they can make a positive impact in their homes, on their jobs, in their churches and in their communities.


We want you to feel connected at GMZ!  Our prayer is that you find your place to serve the Lord and make a difference in the lives of others.  We have many ministries in the church that exist to serve those who attend our church and provide ways in which you can be a part of serving others. 


Come experience our incredible service in friendly atmosphere.  Our dynamic praise team prepares our hearts for God's Word by leading us in an amazing time of worship.  You will find countless opportunities to connect to a family of believers that is committed to knowing and serving Jesus.  Classes are available for your precious little ones.

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